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Trieste – FUKINSEI 不均整 [curated by Artrophia, in collaboration with Le Vie delle Foto], DoubleTree by Hilton, solo [link]

Le vie delle foto, in collaboration with Artrophia, from the 13th to 26th of September, awaits in the beautiful location of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel to introduce you to photographer Massimiliano Muner’s latest artworks.

>DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste | Berlam Coffee Tea & Cocktail
> from the 13th to 26th of September 2021
>Places are limited!

To receive an invitation to the opening with the artist and the guided tours please send an email to: info@artrophia.com [Lucy e Naomi]. Places are limited!

By Artrophia
Shin’ichi Hōseki Hisamatsu [1889-1980], philosopher, Zen monk and scholar of the Rinzai tradition, in his work “Zen and the Fine Arts”, identified seven key values that Japanese arts inspired by Zen principles should have. Among these, there is the concept of Fukinsei 不均整 [“asymmetry”].

Fukinsei, indicates the beauty of asymmetry and irregularity, it allows us to distance ourselves from the ideal of perfection, unknown to nature and to the human experience and to embrace the possibility of different options. In Japanese philosophy we have to accept the possibility of change, leaving behind our preconceptions and the mental cages that trap our thoughts, as these are human expedients.

In Massimiliano Muner’s art polaroids are deconstructed and reassembled: the result is a series of elements, each including a microcosm.

Irregularity becomes an opportunity to explore fragments of an elusive reality, a silent hymn to the here and now. At the same time the choice of imperfect frames crystallized in the enigmatic beauty of its compositions, make the subjects [flowers and butterflies] an echo of life, death and time, inspiring other points of view.

Massimiliano Muner [1984, Trieste] – photographer.
His works have gone on show in over 50 exhibitions in Trieste, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, New York and are part of private and public collections. His work is part of the prestigious Polaroid Collection [WestLicht, Wien] and of the archives of Fratelli Alinari Fondazione per la Storia della Fotografia [Florence, Italy].