[Italian, born 1984]



In 2019 he participated as a visiting instructor to MIUR’s project #futuratrieste [MIUR is the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research] to teach secondary degree students a part of Edwin Land’s story, of Polaroid Corporation and some aspects of creative manipulation in photography.


His work is part of the prestigious Polaroid Collection [WestLicht, Wien] and of the archives of Fratelli Alinari Fondazione per la Storia della Fotografia [Florence, Italy].


Some of his works have been chosen by Italo Zannier and Emanuela Sesti to take part in an Alinari Museum exhibition.
His works have gone on show in over 50 exhibitions in Trieste, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, New York and are part of private and public collections.


He founded Silver Age, a research center for photography and visual arts. Silver Age is also a website and a Facebook page for cultural dissemination and news related to silver photography.


He sets up an exhibition space in Trieste that will become the cornerstone between Spaziowhite’s works and the events and exhibitions organized by Silver Age.


He is the founder and the coordinator of Fotografia Zeropixel project – a festival set up to pay tribute to old photographic techniques. Muner worked with Maurizio Galimberti in a workshop held at Casa Tre Oci in Venice. Guest of the ‘Impossible Project at Milan’s Photoshow 2013, he also took part in the 17th International art Symposium Medulin (HR).


He founded, and was president and coordinator until 2015, of Officina Istantanea, an association of photographers aiming to promote analogue and instant photography and to pay homage to Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid. Since the same year he is one of the artists of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice and of the Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art Gallery in Milan.


Receiver the first prize at the first ‘Festival of Instant Photography ‘ISO600’ held in Milan for the creative technique he used in cutting and reassembling polaroid images.